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Array and Narrativa Launch Major Advancements in Artificial Intelligence Natural Language Generation

New joint venture to enable corporations to more efficiently and effectively save time and provide clarity for all data analytics through natural language content for their customers, employees and all stakeholders

LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) DECEMBER 08, 2020 -- Array, known for its experiential digital signage and content, and Narrativa, a global provider of AI powered natural language generation are embarking on a joint venture to radically transform the creation and distribution of crucial business insight.

“AI and NLG are a powerful combination of technologies that explain and interpret complex data to be transformed into simple written summaries and articles. With these summaries, groups of business decision makers can be aligned quickly and make accurate next step decisions for their corporations and projects. We are targeting industries, such as Biotech, Pharma, Energy, Media and Entertainment, Banking, and Telecommunications. Essentially, our offering can be applied to any industry that needs quick and consistent understanding of their complex data," said Jennifer Bittinger, Array President and CEO.

“We’re thrilled to be working with Array as our first North American partner,” said David Llorente, Founder and CEO of Narrativa. “We’ve been expanding at a rapid pace throughout Europe, Asia and the Middle East as corporations embrace the efficiency of AI powered natural language generation. Our advanced applications automate many data-driven writing tasks, freeing employees to focus on higher value work.”

Through their joint venture partnership, Array and Narrativa now utilize NLG to automatically produce executive reports and other forms of content deployable to customized experiential digital signage as well as all platforms like mobile, email and apps. They optimize workflows and reduce risks by aligning stakeholders and workers through written interactive narratives at scale that are housed in a cloud for employees to access. Essentially, they provide: 1) Experiential communications (executive and project briefing centers), 2) NLG communications and content automation, and 3) NLG-originated real time updates and alerts.


About Narrativa Founded in 2015, Narrativa was created from the belief that technology can be used to transform the world in a positive way. Recognized by Samsung as one of the most important companies in the NLG field, Narrativa supports businesses that want to grow by anticipating trends and transforming data into human language in real time. Through its artificial intelligence system and experience in machine learning, Narrativa produces automated content in diverse fields including finance, pharmaceuticals, insurance, media and gaming among others. Visit to learn more.

About Array Array is an award-winning information and visualization company focused on developing digital experiences and offers AI machine learning that supports the goals of our clients. Founded in 2011, Array has helped clients align data, culture and corporate initiatives through experiential content and natural language generation (NLG). Array produces a broad amount of automated content including project status reports, conversion of data into natural language, infographics, articles and video. Array acts as a content engine which partners with clients’ in-house creative and data reporting teams. Some of Array’s clients include: ExxonMobil, Chevron, McDonald’s, Adobe, Cisco Systems, Salesforce, San Francisco Giants, NASA, Jack Daniel’s and more. Learn more about Array at


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